Digital Marketing Automation for Beginners – Lesson 1

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It sounds like an awesome idea!  

Let me automate my practice so that there is an endless stream of patients walking through the door.  

And who wouldn’t want that?  

On the surface it seems like a very simple idea, however, a deeper dive reveals that digital marketing automation is complex and overwhelming. Over the next few blogs we will help you understand what digital marketing automation is; eliminate misunderstandings about automation; and demonstrate how it can help your practice.  

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing Automation is the use of software – like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Convert Kit – to deliver Personalized Messages to current and potential patients.

The CRM software behaves like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. A patient will receive a personalized message based where they are in the customer journey:

Where are they in the purchasing process?

How have they interacted with your website?

Which Call-To-Action have they followed?

In other words, their behavior drives the messages they receive.

By delivering personalized content through digital marketing automation, you build the know, like, and trust factors that converts potential patients into current patients; and ascend current patients up the Value Ladder.

Optimizing through automation you create a better overall Patient Experience and the best part is that this process can be completely streamlined.

Let’s have a closer look.

Digital Marketing Automation Benefits

The biggest benefit to implementing digital marketing automation is that your improved Patient Experience directly affects your bottom line.


Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates, But 70% of Brands Fail To Use Them. (Marketingland, 2014)

Every person on the planet loves to feel special, they love to feel like you are talking directly too them which is why personalized content is more effective – 6X more effective - than general email blasts.

Digital marketing automation can be streamlined. CRM software like Convert Kit allows you to save valuable time and money by handling the mundane and repetitive work of manually sending out customized messages, allowing you to spend time on higher-level activities.

Under the hood of Convert Kit there are “Tags” and “Sequences”. “Tags” allow you to label a patient’s actions.  "Sequences" are a series of custom emails sent out.

For example, prospective patient Tina visits Dermatologist Darren’s website and downloads the white paper 6 Foods to Eat That Will Help Reduce Your Acne. Tina is “tagged” with “Acne Download” and put into a customized email “sequence” providing more tips on how to naturally fight acne through diet. Each email has a Call-To-Action recommending an Acne Cream to compliment the recommended dietary changes. Tina purchases the Acne Cream and receives a new “tag”; which moves her to a new email “sequence”; which starts a new customized conversation in the next step of her journey.

Digital marketing automation also allows you to see where a patient currently stands on her journey so you can personalize the next interaction – be it digital or in-person. It engages a prospective patient longer to give them more time to make a decision. And it helps to speed up the decision making process.

Digital Marketing Automation Best Uses

Digital marketing automation has many different applications, however, the best uses are for Email Marketing; lead generation; and nurturing a prospective patient. Here are some examples:

Delivering Informational Content (ex. Dermatologist Darren’s whitepaper)

Welcome letter

Follow Up Sales Sequences

Appointment Reminders

Invoice Reminders

Invoice Receipts

Happy Birthdays



A savvy way to use digital marketing automation is to run a survey to your current and prospective patient list. This increases engagement with your audience, but more importantly, it gives you valuable feedback on:

What you are doing great?

What could you improve upon?

What services are needed?

What products are needed?

Digital Marketing Automation for Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of developing the know, like, and trust factors with prospective patients through every step of their journey.


Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales leads at a 33% lower cost. (Marketo)

The goal of digital marketing automation when it comes to lead nurturing is to provide relevant information and value (ie – personalized messages) on the prospective patient’s terms. Plus, nurtured leads make larger purchases.

In Closing

Digital marketing automation is a key component to growing anyone’s practice. It improves your know, like, and trust factors through a better patient experience. It the most cost efficient way to connect with your prospective and current patients. It helps to nurture leads by providing them value until they are ready to purchase.

In our next blog we will continue our Digital Marketing Automation for Beginners conversation.

If you can’t wait, schedule an appointment and we can discuss a plan to automate your practice!

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